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Cylinder Sensor Used in Industrial Automation Field

Magnetic sensors and their related testing technologies are very important components and application technologies to ensure the installation, commissioning and operation of automatic production lines.

Advantages of Cylinder Sensor in Industrial Automation Field

High Sensitivity

The high sensitivity of the ALIF magnetic sensor can well cope with the problem of weak magnetic strength detected in the use scene.

Temperature Stability

The magnetic cylinder sensor has excellent temperature stability and can cope with most of the harsh environments at work.


The magnetic sensor has good anti-interference to avoid the wrong action caused by mistakenly touching the magnetic signal in the working environment.

Product Integration

It does not occupy space in the device, and the device runs smoothly.

High Frequency

The high frequency of the ALIF cylinder magnetic sensor brings more possibilities to application scenarios. Meet more and more high-frequency applications.

Low Power Consumption

Most devices require low-power magnetic sensors, which is beneficial to prolong the life of the sensor.

Case Study of Cylinder Sensor Used in Industrial Automation Field

Magnetic Sensor Used in Packaging Machinery

Packaging Machinery

ALIF TECH magnetic sensor can adapt to high-frequency motion linear actuator, accurately detect the position of cylinder magnetic ring, and is widely used in various fields of automatic packaging production

Magnetic Switch Used in Automobile Production

Automobile Production

Use linear motors to build a portal coordinate robot, and cooperate with sensors to complete pin picking, rotation, pin pressing, pin, and another assembly.

Magnetic Sensor Used in Textile Machinery

Textile Machinery

The automation equipment greatly improves the production capacity and efficiency. The lifting and transportation of the equipment, the precise positioning of the upper and lower yarn devices, and the packaging are all inseparable from the stroke control of the magnetic sensor.

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