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PD Adjustable Sensor Mounting Brackets

Special for DFGE/AG-39 series, PD Adjustable Sensor Mounting Brackets are fixed to profile cylinder below φ100.

adjustable sensor mounting brackets
clamp on sensor

PD Adjustable Sensor Mounting Brackets Specifications

Product Size (mm)31*27.5*1635*27.5*1836.5*27.5*20
Product Weight13g15g16.5g
MaterialAluminum alloyAluminum alloyAluminum alloy
Ambient Temperature﹣10℃~70℃﹣10℃~70℃﹣10℃~70℃
Fire-proof LevelUL94V0UL94V0UL94V0
Suitable SensorDFGE/AG-39DFGE/AG-39DFGE/AG-39
Application ScenariosProfile CylinderProfile CylinderProfile Cylinder

Why Choose Alif Sensor Adjustable Sensor Mounting Brackets

ALIF Sensor offers a range of high-quality adjustable sensor mounting brackets that are designed to meet all your mounting needs. These adjustable sensor brackets are the perfect solution for securely and flexibly mounting sensors in various applications.

With our adjustable sensor mounting brackets, you can easily install and position your sensors in the desired location. The brackets allow for easy adjustment, ensuring optimal sensor performance and accuracy. The adjustable feature also allows for fine-tuning and precise positioning, making it easier to align sensors accurately.

Our adjustable sensor mounting brackets are built to last. Made from durable materials, they are able to withstand harsh environments and provide reliable support for your sensors. This guarantees long-term stability and minimizes the risk of sensor damage or misalignment.

Additionally, our sensor brackets are versatile and compatible with a wide range of sensors, giving you the flexibility to use them for different sensor types and sizes. This makes them a cost-effective solution for businesses with multiple magnetic sensor applications.

At ALIF Sensor, we prioritize customer satisfaction. Our adjustable sensor mounting brackets are backed by excellent customer service and support. We are dedicated to providing prompt assistance and reliable solutions for all your sensor mounting needs.

Choose ALIF Sensor's adjustable sensor mounting brackets for superior quality, flexibility, and longevity. Enhance your sensor installation process and ensure accurate readings with our trusted products.

Adjustable Sensor Bracket Specifications:

- Adjustable sensor mounting brackets

- Compatible with various sensor types and sizes

Adjustable Sensor Bracket Features:

- Easy installation and positioning

- Fine-tuning and precise positioning

- Durable and long-lasting

- Versatile and compatible with a wide range of sensors

- Excellent customer service and support

Improve your sensor mounting experience with ALIF Sensor's adjustable sensor mounting brackets. Order now and enjoy reliable performance and exceptional customer service.

Adjustable Sensor Mounting Brackets Advantages

  • Flexibility in Sensor Placement: Adjustable brackets allow for precise positioning of sensors in a wide range of orientations and angles. This flexibility is crucial when trying to achieve optimal coverage or sensitivity for the sensor's intended purpose.

  • Ease of Installation: These adjustable sensor mounting brackets simplify the installation process by offering adjustable mounting options. This can reduce the time and effort required to set up sensors, especially in complex environments or hard-to-reach locations.

  • Adaptability to Changing Environments: Environments may change over time due to factors like equipment rearrangement or modifications in the operational area. Adjustable sensor mounting brackets enable quick and easy repositioning of sensors to adapt to these changes without the need for extensive adjustments or new mounting hardware.

  • Optimized Sensor Performance: Precise positioning of sensors using adjustable sensor mounting brackets ensures that they are accurately aligned with the target area or object. This alignment can enhance sensor performance, leading to more accurate measurements and better data collection.

  • Maintenance and Repairs: When sensors require maintenance or repairs, adjustable sensor mounting brackets simplify the process. Technicians can easily access sensors without the need to disassemble the entire mounting system, saving time and reducing downtime.

  • Cost Savings: Instead of using different mounting solutions for each sensor placement scenario, adjustable sensor mounting brackets offer a versatile solution that can be adapted to various situations. This can lead to cost savings by reducing the need to purchase different types of mounting hardware.

  • Reduced Material Waste: Fixed mounting solutions might require custom brackets for specific orientations, leading to excess material waste. Adjustable sensor mounting brackets eliminate the need for excessive custom fabrication, reducing material waste and being more environmentally friendly.

  • Experimentation and Testing: In research and development scenarios, adjustable sensor mounting brackets provide the freedom to easily test different sensor positions and orientations. This flexibility is valuable when trying to optimize sensor performance or explore new applications.

  • Uniformity in Sensor Placement: In scenarios where multiple sensors need to be installed in a uniform manner, adjustable sensor mounting brackets ensure consistent positioning and alignment across all sensors, leading to standardized data collection.

  • Future-Proofing: As sensor technology evolves, the size and shape of sensors may change. Adjustable sensor mounting brackets can accommodate different sensor models and sizes, ensuring that the mounting solution remains relevant even as technology advances.

  • Customizability: Adjustable brackets can often be fine-tuned for specific sensor types, weights, and operational requirements. This customization enhances their compatibility and effectiveness in various applications.

Adjustable Sensor Mounting Brackets Features

adjustable sensor mounting brackets

One-piece molding process, the shell of our adjustable sensor brackets is smooth and wear-resistant.

clamp on sensor

These PD sensor brackets have a multi-specification design and stronger versatility.

adjustable sensor mounting brackets

screw installation, firm and close, easy to install.

PD Adjustable Sensor Mounting Brackets Description

adjustable sensor mounting brackets
adjustable sensor mounting brackets
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