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AG-26 Magnetic Cylinder Sensor

AG-26 series magnetic sensor

AG-26 series is generally used for 4φ diameter C-shaped grooved cylinders. There are six specifications such as magnetic reed tube type and electronic type to choose from. With adapters, it can be used for 6-63φ cylinder diameter round cylinders. It is ALIF’s 4φC type. One of the most widely used series of grooved magnetic sensor cylinders greatly reduces the pressure on purchasing inventory.

pneumatic cylinder proximity sensor
pneumatic cylinder proximity sensor2

AG-26 Magnetic Cylinder Sensor Specification

Switching LogicNormally OpenSolid State Output, Normally Open
Output Type2 Wire Solid StateNPN Current SinkingPNP Current Sinking
voltage Range10~30V DC5~30V DC
Sensor Current1~50 mA0~100 mA
Switch Rating1.5 W Max.3W Max.
Consumption/3 mA Max.@24V
Voltage Drop2.65V Max.@50mA DC0.8V Max.@200mA DC
Leakage Current90 μA Max.@28V0.01 mA Max.
IndicatorRed LEDRed LEDGreen LED
CableΦ2.2, 2C, Grey Oil-Resistant PURΦ2.2, 3C, Grey Oil-Resistant PUR
Sensitivity40~800 Gauss40~800 Gauss
Sensor Frequency900Hz900Hz
Ingress ProtectionIP68 (GB/T4208-2017)IP68 (GB/T4208-2017)
Protection CircuitSurge SuppressionPower Reverse Polarity; Surge Suppression
CE Certificate NO.E8A 17 04 53334 007E8A 17 04 53334 008
CNEx Certificate NO.CNEx21.2238XCNEx21.2239X
RoHS2.0 NO.RoHS 2011/65/EU & (EU) 2015/863
Reach NO.(EC) N 1907/2006 (REACH)

Magnetic Proximity Sensor Working Principle

Magnetic proximity sensors are widely used in industry due to their high reliability and accuracy. ALIF's Magnetic Cylinder Sensor, model AG-26, utilizes the principle of magnetic induction to detect the presence of metallic objects within its detection range. The cylinder sensors consist of a sensing coil, a magnetic field generator, and signal conditioning circuitry. As a metallic object approaches the sensor, it interferes with the magnetic field generated by the sensor, causing a change in the current flowing through the sensing coil. This change in current is converted into an output signal, which can be used to trigger a control action.

AG-26 Magnetic Cylinder Sensor is a cost-effective and reliable solution for industrial automation projects such as detecting the position of pneumatic cylinders, conveyors, and robotic limbs. Its compact and rugged design allows for easy installation in harsh environments. The cylinder position sensor symptom is designed to operate with a wide range of voltages and can be configured to provide either normally open or normally closed output. Choose ALIF's AG-26 for your next industrial project and experience the reliability and accuracy that the ALIF sensor is known for.

Why Choose Alif Ag-26 Magnetic Cylinder Sensor

  • Looking for a reliable and efficient magnetic proximity sensor? Look no further than the ALIF AG-26 Magnetic Cylinder Sensor. As a trusted brand in the industry, ALIF Sensor offers top-quality products to meet your needs.

  • With the AG-26 model, you can accurately determine the position of your cylinder. Say goodbye to guessing or experiencing cylinder position sensor symptoms issues. The AG-26 ensures precise measurements, allowing for improved performance and productivity.

  • This magnetic proximity sensor working principle is detecting changes in the magnetic field. It provides reliable and consistent readings, ensuring accurate feedback on the position of your cylinder. Say goodbye to uncertainties and hello to efficiency with the AG-26.

  • The AG-26 comes with a range of impressive features. It is easy to install and compatible with a wide variety of cylinder types. Its durable construction guarantees long-lasting performance, even in harsh environments. Additionally, it offers a fast response time, making it ideal for applications that require quick and precise measurements.

  • Choose the ALIF AG-26 Magnetic Cylinder Sensor and experience the benefits of a reliable and accurate cylinder position sensor. Trust in the ALIF Sensor brand, known for its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

  • Don't settle for less when it comes to cylinder position sensors. Invest in the AG-26 and enjoy improved performance, increased productivity, and peace of mind. ALIF Sensor - the brand you can rely on for all your sensor needs.

AG-26 Magnetic Cylinder Sensor Features

pneumatic cylinder proximity sensor

This kind of magnetic sensor for pneumatic cylinder has a  compact structure design and can be applied to more scenarios.

proximity sensor pneumatic cylinder

The design of a more miniature shell increases the flexibility of the layout of the equipment space.

Description of AG-26 Magnetic Cylinder Sensor

pneumatic cylinder proximity sensor
pneumatic cylinder proximity sensor
proximity sensor pneumatic cylinder
proximity sensor pneumatic cylinder
sensor pneumatic cylinder
sensor pneumatic cylinder
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