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ALIF Sensors & Accessories

ALIF Sensors & Accessories

ALIF cylinder magnetic sensor is the core electronic component of automatic control, which is composed of a shell, magnetic components, electronic circuits and wires. Through the detection of the travel position of the actuator, the purpose of automatic control such as positioning and limit protection is achieved.

Magnetic switches are widely used in various types of actuators such as pneumatic and electric and are used in thousands of automation scenarios such as manufacturing, medical equipment, vehicle transportation, and robots.

ALIF TECH has a whole industry chain layout from mould design and manufacturing, SMT patch, wire, hardware, plastic, assembly and testing; the quality of our cylinder sensors is stable and reliable, and the delivery time is controllable. Focusing on the field of automation, R&D, production and sales of a series of products such as our pneumatic cylinder magnetic sensor, ALIF has set mature R&D, production and management levels to meet the varied needs of customers. New product development speed is fast, and new cylinder magnetic sensors can be quickly developed according to customer needs at any time.

ALIF Cylinder Magnetic Sensor & Accessories Advantages

Magnetic Sensor Dustproof And Waterproof - IP68 Protection Level
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Dustproof And Waterproof - IP68 Protection Level

ALIF pneumatic cylinder magnetic sensors are produced by one-piece injection moulding, and the packaging process has reached the highest standard in dustproof and waterproof grades - IP68 protection grade. Our pneumatic magnetic sensor can still work normally in water depth. 

Magnetic Switch Fireproof
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VW-1 flame retardant grade ALIF magnetic switch wire meets VW-1 fireproof grade, using advanced DuPont fireproof material, the fire will be extinguished immediately after leaving, even in harsh environments.

Magnetic Switch Bending Resistance
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Bending Resistance

More than 200,000 times of R6 corner bending, ALIF strictly controls the raw materials and production process of the wire, the wire can easily cope with the high-strength bending test, and the drag chain test (tank chain) can be used in various such severe usage scenarios.

Magnetic Switch Service Life
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Service Life

50 million times Aifu's full range of products have a longer working life than similar products on the market. Under normal use, the life of the reed switch can reach 20 million times; the electronic switch can It can easily exceed 50 million times of life.

ALIF Cylinder Magnetic Sensor & Accessories Testimonials

This is the best magnetic sensor for pneumatic cylinder I've ever used, the response is so fast, I've decided to use ALIF's magnetic sensor in the future!

ALIF's Customer

The IP68 level of protection allows me to use the air cylinder sensor in harsh environments, which is incredible.

ALIF's Importance Customer

The cylinder sensor needs to follow the high-frequency movement of the mechanical group, and the wire needs to be repeatedly bent, but it does not affect its work at all. This is really awesome.

Bob Smith
Bob Smith
Marketing Manager for SMC

I love the green case so much, it makes my device even cooler.

Marketing Manager for SMC
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ALIF is a professional cylinder sensor factory, they are well known to customers for their comprehensive products, good quality, and reasonable prices.

No. 2, Xifu Street, Chiling Dawei, Houjie Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China