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AG-39 Magnetic Cylinder Sensor

AG-39 series magnetic sensor

AG-39 series adopts special peak-shaped screws, which can be used for most brands of T-slot cylinders such as FESTO, SMC, PARKER; the way of direct installation above the groove can save users a lot of loading and unloading time. AG-39 can be used with clamps for standard cylinders such as tie rod, mickeymouse type and round type.

magnetic induction sensor2
magnetic induction sensor1

Specification of AG-39 Magnetic Cylinder Sensor

Switching LogicNormally OpenSolid State Output, Normally Open
Output Type2 Wire Solid StateNPN Current SinkingPNP Current Sinking
Voltage Range10~30V DC5~30V DC
Sensor Current1~50 mA0~200 mA
Switch Rating1.5 W Max.6 W Max.
Consumption/3 mA Max.@24V
Voltage Drop2.65V Max.@50mA DC0.5V Max.@200mA DC
Leakage Current90 μA Max.@28V0.01 mA Max.
IndicatorRed LEDRed LEDGreen LED
CableΦ2.8, 2C, Grey Oil-Resistant PURΦ2.8, 3C, Grey Oil-Resistant PUR
Sensitivity40~800 Gauss40~800 Gauss
Sensor Frequency900Hz900Hz
Ingress ProtectionIP68 (BJ-R200810105A-02)IP68 (BJ-R200810105A-02)
Protection CircuitSurge SuppressionPower Reverse Polarity; Surge Suppression
CE Certificate NO.E8A 17 04 53334 007E8A 17 04 53334 008
CNEx Certificate NO.CNEx21.2238XCNEx21.2239X
RoHS2.0 NO.RoHS 2011/65/EU & (EU) 2015/863
Reach NO.(EC) N 1907/2006 (REACH)

Features of AG-39 Magnetic Cylinder Sensor

sensor pneumatic cylinder

The upper insertion method, the installation is fast and the operation time is saved.

magnetic induction sensor

High versatility, all brand T-groove cylinders are common.

Description of AG-39 Magnetic Cylinder Sensor

magnetic induction sensor
magnetic induction sensor
pneumatic magnetic sensor
pneumatic magnetic sensor
magnetic sensor for pneumatic cylinder
magnetic sensor for pneumatic cylinder
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