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Cylinder Sensor Used in Transportation Field

The transportation sector includes vehicles for ground transportation. Regardless of the medium, transport vehicles must operate reliably in a variety of conditions, and magnetic sensors provide a precise, reliable way to ensure the smooth and safe operation of the system.

Magnetic Vehicle Sensor

A magnetic vehicle sensor is a device used to detect the presence and movement of vehicles on roadways or in parking lots. It is a type of traffic sensor designed to monitor and control traffic flow. The magnetic cylinder reed switch sensor for vehivles can be used in various applications, including traffic signal control, traffic data collection, and intelligent transportation systems (ITS).

The most common type of magnetic vehicle sensor is known as an "inductive loop" sensor. It consists of a loop of wire embedded in the road surface, typically in a rectangular or circular shape. The wire loop is connected to an electronics cabinet nearby that processes the signals received from the loop.

How Magnetic Vehicle Sensor Works:

  • Inductive Loop: The loop of wire acts as an inductor, and when an electric current passes through it, it generates a magnetic field.

  • Vehicle Presence: When a vehicle with a metal component (e.g., steel frame or engine block) passes over the loop, it disturbs the magnetic field, altering the inductance of the loop.

  • Detection: The electronics cabinet detects these changes in inductance, indicating the presence of a vehicle.

  • Signal Processing: The detected changes are further processed to determine the vehicle's speed, length, or presence duration.

Magnetic Vehicle Sensor Applications: 

  • Traffic Signal Control: Magnetic vehicle sensors are commonly used at intersections to detect approaching vehicles and optimize traffic signal timing accordingly.

  • Traffic Data Collection: These sensors help collect valuable traffic data, such as vehicle count, speed, and occupancy, which can be used for traffic analysis and planning.

  • Toll Collection: In some toll systems, magnetic vehicle sensors are used to detect vehicles passing through toll plazas and calculate toll charges accordingly.

  • Parking Management: Magnetic sensors can be used in parking lots or garages to determine occupancy and guide drivers to available parking spaces.

Magnetic Vehicle Sensor Advantages: 

  • Reliable: Inductive loop sensors are known for their reliability and durability.

  • Cost-effective: Compared to some other traffic sensing technologies, magnetic sensors can be relatively inexpensive.

  • Versatile: They can be used for various traffic management and control applications.

Advantages of Cylinder Sensor in Transportation Field

The Energy Efficiency

The energy efficiency, accuracy, and sensitivity of magnetic sensors make them ideal for low-power applications in increasingly computerized automotive systems.

Low Power Consumption

Magnetic sensors have low power consumption, making them suitable for powering low-energy applications, ultimately reducing battery size requirements for ignition and other power-sensitive applications.


A weak magnetic field is enough for a magnetic sensor to receive and output a signal.

Advanced Protection

Magnetic sensor special housing that prevents dirt, water, moisture, oil, etc. from affecting the performance of the sensor.

Case Study of Cylinder Sensor Used in Transportation Field

Magnetic Switch Used in Refrigerated Trucks

Refrigerated Trucks

Magnetic sensors detect when the doors of refrigerated trucks are opened and stop the refrigeration system to avoid wasting energy.

Magnetic Switch Used in Rail Trains

Rail Trains

Magnetic sensors are used in all aspects of rail transportation. Magnetic sensors, for example, are used to monitor proximity and speed in driving, braking, and parking systems.

Magnetic Switch Used in Road Maintenance Vehicles

Road Maintenance Vehicles

Heavy-duty vehicles such as road maintenance trucks and road construction equipment use magnetic sensors in a variety of systems, including safety switches, fuel level indicators, equipment consoles, ignition systems, and power steering.

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