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Christmas Belonging to ALIF--A Magnetic Sensor Company

The annual Christmas is coming again, and this time, we decided to do something big! The "Chief Atmosphere Team of Airrich" held a "Christmas Carnival" party on the eve of Christmas, allowing all working partners to have fun in a relaxed and fun atmosphere and enjoy the unique Christmas time belonging to the rich people of Airtech. Let's review the scene together. 

In this ingenious carnival, three themes of "landscape area", "game area" and "lottery draw area" are arranged; there are a lot of surprising prizes in the three-game areas and lottery area! In addition, there are Christmas Boys and Christmas Girls taking photos with players in the scenic area. Looking back on the whole event, there was a lot of laughter and laughter. All colleagues returned with a fruitful feeling and full of happiness!

Even in busy work, it is still a constant belief of Alif's pneumatic reed switch sensor to continuously improve the happiness of employees; interesting activities not only convey love and warmth, but also enhance the happiness of employees, which not only enhances cohesion but also enhances mutual understanding. The recognition of the company; Alif believes that the higher the employee happiness index, the more capable we will be able to serve customers well.

This is the core culture of Alif - "Love each other".



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ALIF is a professional cylinder sensor factory, they are well known to customers for their comprehensive products, good quality, and reasonable prices.

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