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Magnetic Sensor Application Is Becoming More and More Widely Used

The magnetic sensor has played a crucial role in fields such as navigation, mobile, automation control, automotive efficiency, and solar energy generation, and is becoming an important component of consumer daily life. The market for the cylinder magnetic sensor is mainly composed of Hall effect and magnetoresistive semiconductor integrated circuits, which are used to track the rotational speed and linear angle of machine equipment or to detect magnetic fields to establish positioning. These sensors have a wide range of applications, such as electronic systems and motors in cars, compasses in smartphones and tablets, current monitoring in solar inverters, and brushless DC motors widely used in medical systems such as ventilators, dialysis machines, and centrifuges. The most attractive markets for magnetic sensors are in the automotive, wireless communication, and consumer electronics fields.

Many fields are driving the rise of magnetic sensor application

Magnetic sensor applications mainly involve the following three aspects

  • Safety applications, including vehicle safety airbags and fault detection of solar panels;

  • Improving equipment functionality, comfort, and intelligence, such as position memory function of car seats, resolution of navigation function in cars or phones, and noise reduction in medical device motors;

  • Improving energy efficiency, such as in smart fans in cars, high-efficiency motors in the industrial manufacturing and automation fields.

Magnetic sensor application in the automotive field

The automotive industry is the highest revenue-generating field for magnetic sensors, with various application methods. For example, to reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide and other harmful pollutants, manufacturers face increasing pressure, and sensors have a great advantage in reducing the power consumption of cars. The focus is on motors, which are transforming from sliding systems with frictional forces that run "non-stop" to electronic motors that can be controlled on demand. At the same time, the electronic motor is transforming into a more efficient and reliable brush DC motor, and the application of magnetic sensors allows the motor to be controlled or reversed more precisely. In addition, magnetic sensors for cylinders are also used in the basic wheel rotation speed sensing of the anti-lock braking system (ABS), torque sensing in the steering system, electronic throttle valve systems, battery monitoring, and smart fans in cars.

Navigation is another huge market driver. Magnetic sensors are important components for measuring standard functions of multi-axis electronic compasses, and their applications are also widely used in smartphones and tablets equipped with global positioning systems. Consumer electronics products such as game consoles, laptops, and digital cameras with geotagging capabilities will also benefit from the application of magnetic sensors.

The use of magnetic sensors in the energy sector is also increasing. In the measurement of current and positioning of motion control, especially in the emerging industrial motor sector, motor driver sector, and solar inverter market, magnetic sensors have found their place. Other applications include data processing and peripheral devices such as fax machines and printers, water level detection in consumer electronics products such as coffee machines and other white goods, as well as various military, agricultural, and transportation applications.



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