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A New Era Has Arrived - Free Upgrade of New Magnetic Sensor Quick Connectors

The 13 green series magnetic switches of Ailifu Technology will be upgraded for free with the new "QC8" IP68 protection grade quick connector, which will reduce the installation and debugging time, make the product more stable and reliable, and enhance the added value and competitiveness of the enterprise.

As an important symbol of production in the new era, automation is still in a more traditional mode of application and process. Not only are the problems of low reliability, inefficient loading and unloading, and high maintenance costs common; the end-user experience is not friendly, and the product premium cannot be increased. With added value, it has been unable to meet the needs of the new era, and the needs of innovation and upgrading cannot be met.

"QC8" is the general name of the new quick connector of ALIF technology, which is an upgraded product based on the M8 quick connector. It is made by a new generation of injection molding process and material selection. The sealing performance of the product can reach IP68 level, and it can resist acid corrosion, cutting fluid and aging.

And bring the following improvements to users:

  • The male head is free to send the busbar, which saves costs and improves the installation efficiency of the magnetic switch;

  • The quick connector is IP68 dustproof and waterproof, which can face various harsh environmental challenges;

  • Fool-proof installation design, no need for professional wiring adjustment, plug and play;

  • New design, appearance upgrade, reliability upgrade, increase the added value of user equipment;

Airifu Technology will upgrade the "QC8" quick connector free of charge to customers who choose 13 green products, helping customers to improve equipment reliability and smooth use experience.



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