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Working Principle and Installation Process of Magnetic Cylinder Sensor

Magnetic cylinder sensors are used to detect the position of the piston in the cylinder and are directly connected to the cylinder body. Magnetic cylinder sensors provide precise measurements, short response times, and non-contact operation without any wear or calibration over time. The pneumatic cylinder magnetic sensor can detect the position of the piston within the cylinder using the magneto-resistive principle, detecting the permanent magnet on the piston that passes through the cylinder wall.

Working principle of magnetic cylinder sensor

The piston inside the cylinder has a permanent magnet, whose magnetic field can pass through all non-ferromagnetic materials. After detecting the magnetic field, the sensor is triggered. The cylinder comes with a sensor mounting slot for installing and securing the sensor. The magnetic sensors for cylinders can be installed on all standard cylinders using clamps and bolts.

Adjustment method for magnetic cylinder sensor

The magnetic field of the permanent magnet inside the cylinder is scattered, and its characteristics vary depending on the type of cylinder. Therefore, it is impossible to specify the accurate trigger point of the sensor. To ensure that the cylinder sensor is in the correct position, follow these operating procedures:

  • Place the piston in the specified switch position.

  • Move the sensor cylinder in the slot back to first gear.

  • After the LED lights up, slightly retreat the sensor to ensure reliable switch operation.

  • Fix the sensor.

  • Use LED to confirm the switch point.

Features of magnetic cylinder sensor

C- and T-groove cylinders

  • Easy installation - just insert the sensor into the groove;

  • Detect the permanent magnet in the cylinder by passing through the cylinder wall;

  • No wear, no maintenance required.

Installation on non-groove cylinders

With various mounting accessories, the sensor can be installed on any standard cylinder:

  • Circular cylinder;

  • Pull rod cylinder;

  • T-slotted cylinder or other specially slotted cylinder.

Compact sensors for short-stroke cylinders

With lateral cable leads, the sensor is very compact and can be easily installed in small spaces.

Installation method of magnetic cylinder sensor

Installation of grooved cylinder

Standard cylinders come with standard T- or C-grooves. Simply install the cylinder sensor into the groove and fix it with flat head screws or metal plates. After tightening the fixing screws, the sensor is locked in the groove.

Installation of circular or pull rod cylinders

Some commonly used circular or pull rod cylinders do not have sensor mounting grooves. In this case, C- or T-groove sensors can be fixed using clamps or bolts.

Installation of special grooves

In addition, adapters in the fittings can be used to install C-groove sensors in T-grooves, or special groove adapters such as dovetail grooves can be provided.



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