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Application of Magnetic Field Sensors

Magnetic field sensors are devices that convert various magnetic fields and their changes into electrical signals, mainly used for scientific measurement, navigation, and industrial applications. Magnetic field sensors use the magnetic field generated by artificially set permanent magnets to measure physical parameters such as current, position, direction, and can serve as carriers for detecting, collecting, storing, converting, reproducing, and monitoring various magnetic fields and the various information they carry.

Classification of magnetic field sensors

Magnetic field sensors can be classified into HALL magnetic field sensors, AMR magnetic field sensors, and GMR magnetic field sensors according to their different principle effects. Among them, HALL magnetic field sensors are the most widely used due to their simple structure, small size, wide frequency response, large output voltage change, and long service life.

Wide application of magnetic field sensors

In the past decade, new sensor technologies and enterprises have emerged continuously, and product iterations have been rapid. In today's information society, magnetic field sensors have become indispensable basic components in information technology and industry. Currently, magnetic field sensors utilizing various physical, chemical, and biological effects have been widely used in scientific research, production, and various aspects of social life to explore various information tasks.

Industrial control, automotive, and consumer electronics are the key development areas of magnetic field sensors. In the future, magnetic field sensor applications will have stronger signal detection capabilities and sensitivity, better temperature stability and anti-interference, achieve chip-level integration. In addition, high-frequency and low-power sensors will be future research directions to meet the needs of information recording, implantable magnetically biological chips, and other application areas. Through research, it has been found that:

  • Silicon chips are the key to the breakthrough of magnetic field sensor technology.

  • The progress of the automotive industry is the main driving force behind the development of sensors.

  • Magnetic field sensors are the key technology for the intelligence of consumer electronic devices.

  • Magnetic field sensors help achieve industrial automation.

The market competition of magnetic field sensors is very fierce. Japan, the United States, and Europe are the main producers globally, and the output of global manufacturers accounts for more than 85% of the market supply, highly concentrated. The production of magnetic field sensors in developing countries is mostly undertaken by small and medium-sized enterprises, which are relatively scattered and have weaker technological and economic strengths. Even if few state-owned enterprises have achieved mass production of magnetic field sensors, most of the production and manufacturing links rely on foreign factories.



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