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Introduction to the Circuit and Function of the Magnetic Reed Switch

A magnetic switch is a circuit switch device that uses magnetic field signals to control it, also called a magnetic control switch. It mainly relies on a magnet to induce, which is relatively convenient and belongs to a sensor.

Circuit of magnetic switch sensor

When installing, do not give the switch excessive impact force, such as hitting, throwing, etc. Avoid using a magnetic switch in an environment with strong magnetic fields and large currents. Do not put the connecting wires and power wires together. It is not advisable to place the magnetic switch in a water or coolant environment. If used in this environment, a cover can be used to block it. When wiring, the wires should not be subjected to tensile or bending force. For use in applications such as mechanical arms and other movable components, wires with bend-resistant properties should be used to avoid damage or breakage of the switch.

The wiring of magnetic switch sensors cannot be directly connected to the power supply and must be connected in series with the load. The load voltage and maximum load current should not exceed the maximum allowable capacity of the magnetic switch, otherwise its service life will be greatly reduced. For a magnetic switch with an indicator light, when the current exceeds the maximum current, the LED will be damaged; if the current is below the specified range, the LED will darken or not light up. For DC, it needs to be divided into positive and negative poles. If the wiring is reversed, the switch can operate, but the indicator light will not light up.

Function of magnetic switch sensor

The magnetic switch is used to detect the position of the cylinder piston, that is, to detect the motion stroke of the piston. By using a magnetic switch sensor, the position of the cylinder piston rod extending can be fed back, and this feedback signal can be used to control the operation of other components; it can also control the stroke of the cylinder, such as adjusting the stroke to 80 when the full stroke of the cylinder is 100; by installing multiple magnetic switches, the cylinder can be stopped at multiple points (but the stopping accuracy is not high).

Principle of magnetic switch sensor

A magnetic switch is set in a sealed metal or plastic tube with one or more magnetic reed switches, and then a hollow floating ball with a ring-shaped magnet inside is threaded through one or more tubes, and the floating ball and magnetic reed switches are controlled at relevant positions by a fixed ring to make the floating ball float up and down within a certain range. The magnet inside the floating ball is used to attract the contact of the magnetic reed switch, generating opening and closing actions.

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