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The Role of The ALIF Sensor on The Cylinder

A magnetic switch cylinder is used to detect the position of the cylinder stroke, no need to set the machine control valve (or the stroke switch) and its mounting frame at both ends of the stroke, no need to set the bumping block at the end of the piston rod, so it is convenient to use and compact structure. High reliability, long service life, low cost, and quick switch reaction time, so it is widely used.

Magnetic Switch of The Cylinder Means That It's Induced By A Magnet

The "magnet" is a magnet. There are several kinds of magnets, such as rubber magnet, permanent magnet ferrite, and sintered NdFeB. The switch is the reed. Dry reed tube is short for dry tongue reed tube, is a passive electronic switch element with contact, has the advantages of simple structure, small volume, and easy to control, its shell is generally a sealed glass tube, the tube is equipped with two iron elastic reed plate but also filled with inert gas.

Normally, the two reeds in the glass tube, made of a special material, are separated. When there is a magnetic material near the glass tube, under the action of the magnetic field line, the two reeds in the tube are magnetized and attracted to contact each other, and the reeds will be drawn together to make the circuit connected to the node connected. When the external magnetic force disappears, the two reeds are separated by their own elasticity, and the line is disconnected.

Therefore, as a magnetic field signal to control the line switch device, a dry reed tube can be used as a sensor, used for counting, limiting,ing, and so on (in the security system is mainly used for door magnetic, window magnetic production), but also widely used in a variety of communication equipment.

A Magnetic Cylinder Sensor is A Cylindrical Metal Part 

Air transforms heat into mechanical energy by expanding in the engine cylinder; The piston compresses the gas in the compressor cylinder to increase the pressure. The casing of a turbine, a rotary piston engine, etc., is often called a "cylinder".

The switch is only in the case of the cylinder with the magnetic ring is the actual use of value, its function is through the detection of the magnetic ring above the piston in the process of operation, used to determine the solenoid valve work on and off signal detection components.

About the material of the magnetic cylinder sensor, PVDF, PP material, the advantage of this material is that it can be resistant to strong acids and alkalis; The junction box of the magnetic switch of the cylinder, compared with the junction box of other switches, is relatively complete, with aluminum alloy, plastic, stainless steel and riot series, safe and reliable, stable and reliable; And another switch, the magnetic switch also has its own other products series, general classification on the presence of contact, which has two kinds of nodes, its work is not the same, so the two kinds of the use of the magnetic switch are also different, there are some market above door magnetic switch, proximity switch, all belong to a kind of induction switch, And magnetic switch because of the use of magnetic field control, so it is also induction switch.



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