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Stroke Control Magnetic Sensor (SCS)

ALIF Introduces New SCS Travel Control Series Switches in 2021 Subvert the application pattern of traditional magnetic switches Freely control cylinder stroke without professional settings Can be used with adapters for various types of cylinders Improve the work efficiency of machinery and equipment by 15-20% We adhere to the original intention of "making the industry better" Continue to make breakthroughs in magnetic switch applications Use the SCS travel control switch Your production will be more advantageous and efficient.

Advance Commutation of Drive Actuators

Because the traditional sensor magnetic reed switch is limited by the speed of PLC processing signals, it needs to wait until the piston (magnetic ring) in the cylinder stays at the two ends of the cylinder before the switch can send out a signal long enough to be captured by the PLC and prompt the PLC to perform the next task.

By preprocessing the signal, when the switch detects a magnetic field at any position, the SCS travel control switch can send out a signal that is long enough to be captured by the PLC, so that the actuator can be reversed in advance at the set position, reducing the waiting time.

The Full Stroke Induction Position Is Adjustable

In traditional applications, it is necessary to select a specific magnetic sensor cylinder and cooperate with a timing program controller to achieve the purpose of stroke control. The SCS switch is suitable for actuators and cylinder types with various stroke lengths and can be suitable for high-speed motion cylinders.

Users can directly adjust the switch position according to their own needs, so as to achieve the purpose of sensing any stroke position.

Suitable For All Kinds Of Automation Equipment

In traditional magnetic sensor applications scenarios, each actuator needs to go through a complete stroke before triggering the next stroke. By optimizing the stroke length through SCS, multiple actuators can work together to reduce a lot of ineffective strokes and waiting. time, and improve the work efficiency of automation equipment by 15-20%.



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