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How to Connect The Pneumatic Magnetic Sensor to The Load?

Load - also known as "electrical appliance", the function is to convert the electrical energy in the circuit into other forms of energy, such as light energy, thermal energy, kinetic energy, etc.; and then consume the electrical energy in the circuit to protect the circuit from excessive current. burning effect. Loads are defined in a wide range, ranging from resistors and capacitors to electrical equipment such as refrigerators, light bulbs, and ovens.

If the load is not connected to the circuit for power consumption, the internal resistance (Ro) of the power supply is small and the short-circuit current (Is) is large, resulting in the potential of the current will all drop on the internal resistance and cause the circuit to burn.

When selecting the load for the magnetic switch, it is necessary to judge from the three directions that the switch is "reed type or electronic type", "two-wire type or three-wire type", and the load is "inductive type or capacitive type". Equipment and magnetic pneumatic reed switch select the appropriate load to avoid burnout.

Determine The Type And Applicable Voltage of Auto Switch

Magnetic switches are divided into two major technical routes, namely, sensor magnetic reed switch and electronic magnetic switches; due to the different physical properties of the two, pay attention to their applicable voltage ranges when connecting to loads.

Waterproof magnetic reed switch: The voltage range is 5-240V (volts), and it is commonly used in direct current and alternating current and has the characteristics of high voltage resistance.

Electronic magnetic switch: The voltage is suitable for 5-30V direct current. It is necessary to reduce the power of the civil electricity to an appropriate range through the load before it can be used, otherwise, the switch will be burned.

( *Reminder: When choosing an electronic magnetic switch load, you must pay attention to calculating the voltage after the load is connected. If the voltage in the circuit is greater than the rated voltage of the magnetic switch, it will cause the magnetic switch to burn; normal work.)

It is necessary for technicians to make calculations to ensure that after the circuit is connected to the load, the voltage is kept within the standard voltage range used by the magnetic switch.

Determine Whether Electronic Magnetic Switch Is Two-wire Or Three-wire

First of all, it is necessary to understand that electronic magnetic switches are divided into two types: two-wire type and three-wire type. As the name implies, the two-wire switch has only two wires: positive and negative. It is the latest application form in the magnetic switch system. It can be directly connected to the circuit of the device without additional input power.

The three-wire switch is divided into two different systems: NPN/PNP. Most of Asia Pacific and Japan use NPN, and Europe commonly uses PNP, but it is only a habit rather than an absolute. Different from the two-wire electronic type, there is an additional signal output line. (black line).



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