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Application Scenarios of Magnetic Sensors

The magnetic sensor is by sensing magnetic field intensity, magnetic field distribution, and magnetic field disturbance to accurately measure the current, position, direction, Angle, intensity, and other physical parameters, widely used in mechanical processing and manufacturing, semiconductor and electronics, industrial automation, energy and electric power, agriculture, scientific measurement, and other fields. Because magnetic sensor can provide information feedback, limit, count, safety protection, and other functions for the control system, it is widely used in the field of automation.

Magnetic Sensor Used in Fully Automatic Mask Machine

Automatic mask production equipment is through the multi-layer non-woven fabric hot pressing, folding molding, ultrasonic welding, cutting molding, and other automatic processes, to produce all kinds of masks. You can find wide magnetic sensor uses in counting, positioning control, and limit protection in mask manufacturing equipment.

Pneumatic Manipulator

Pneumatic manipulator is a branch of industrial robot, it is a high-degree-of-freedom machine joint device, through compressed air and control the direction of airflow to achieve mechanical parts action; The solid-state magnetic induction switch is used to accurately monitor the stroke position of the manipulator actuator, and realize the automatic clamping and loosening of the pneumatic manipulator.

Automatic Packaging Machine

Automation technology has changed the traditional packaging method and work efficiency, automatic packaging machine has been more and more widely used. It mainly consists of some auxiliary equipment, conveying system, and a detection and control device. Among them, in the article sealing bag, packaging, detection, and other links rely on magnetic induction switches to achieve automatic control.

Pad Printing Machine

Pad printing is a very important special printing mode in modern times. Transmission can be divided into manual, electric, and pneumatic pad printing machine because the pneumatic pad printing machine has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient operation, and smooth movement, so it is more widely used. A pneumatic pad printing machine uses a cylinder to drive the printing head, which needs to be accurately positioned by a magnetic induction sensor to ensure the accuracy and stability of the printing position.

Magnetic Sensor Used in Automatic Screw Locking Machine

An automatic screw machine is an automatic equipment that has replaced the traditional manual locking screws. The whole machine is composed of a vibration plate, feeding pipe, conveying track, and locking mechanism. In the track of the automatic electric batch, the function of detecting and limiting the travel position of the magnetic induction switch is used to ensure that the electric batch can accurately lock the screws to be locked into the product.

Automatic Cutting Machine

An automatic cutting machine is common cutting equipment, combined with a string of automatic movements such as drawing, clamping, cutting, peeling, and wiring. When the travel of the actuator reaches the specified position, the magnetic induction switch senses and transmits the signal to the knife die structure, and accurately locates the knife die so that the knife die and the outer contour of the material are completely consistent before cutting, and then the knife die presses down to cut the fabric, so as to complete the cutting and blanking work.

Automatic Welding Machine

Automatic welding equipment is to replace the traditional manual welding automation equipment. Through the manipulator to complete stripping, tin plating, and welding work, to solve the manual welding common solder joint quality problems, as well as overly dependent on personnel experience and other pain points; Automatic welding equipment needs to use different types of magnetic induction switches in each link to cooperate with various functional actuators.

So where would you use magnetic sensors? Feel free to send more magnetic sensors and their applications to us!



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