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Electronic Magnetic Switch Chip Emergency!

Recently, the CEO of Audi told the media that the global chip shortage forced Audi to reduce production by five figures, posing a huge challenge to Audi. Because of the chip shortage, Ford, Toyota, and other international car companies have also reduced or even stopped production. The problem of chip shortage has brought great trouble to the production and manufacturing of various industries. According to statistics, more than 160 industries including the pneumatic magnetic sensor industry have been affected by this round of chip shortages, and the shortage of chips in the automotive, consumer electronics, and other industries is the most serious. , Under the storm of semiconductor shortage, the demand for chips is still rising, resulting in a skyrocketing chip price in the market, and it is difficult to find a single chip.

So here comes the reason, why is there such a shortage of chips?

First: the impact of the new crown epidemic

The outbreak of the global new crown epidemic has caused many chip manufacturers to stop work. At the same time, some anti-epidemic materials such as thermometers, oximeters, thermometers, etc. are widely used, and the demand for chips has risen sharply. Up, resulting in an imbalance between supply and demand, so the price of chips has also increased.

Second: the impact of the Sino-US trade war

Affected by the Sino-US technological war in recent years, the United States has restricted the development of China's chip industry through a series of measures. As the world's largest consumer of the semiconductor industry, China accounts for more than 50% of the global chip demand, but the market share of Chinese-made chips is not To 10%, which means that more than 90% of China's chips rely on imports, and it is currently the world's largest chip importer. The impact of the US trade war has directly disrupted the global chip supply chain, resulting in a shortage of chips.

Third: the impact of a large number of hoarding chips

Huawei is restricted from production by the United States. Faced with the suppression of the United States, it not only affects Huawei itself but is also a reason for the global shortage of chips; Huawei, as the world's third largest chip purchaser, in order to fight the restrictions, Huawei rushed before the US sanctions. It has preemptively stocked a large number of chips around the world, which has indirectly caused other companies to lack chips more or less in a short period of time. Taking Huawei as an example, after the shortage occurred in the market, many chip buyers naturally began to stock up to ensure their own supply security, which further exacerbated the shortage of chips and entered a vicious circle mode.

In the current era of informatization and dramatization, chip technology has become an indispensable part of modern industries. Chips are not only an industry but also closely related to daily life. From small mobile phones to large automobiles, chips are inseparable.

A chip is the result of an integrated circuit that has been designed, manufactured, packaged, and tested, usually as a self-contained whole that can be used immediately. Integrated circuit refers to the use of a certain process to make and package the components such as transistors, resistors, capacitors, and inductors required in the circuit and wiring together to form a microstructure with the required circuit functions.

For example, the electronic switch of the digital magnetic sensor widely used in the field of automation mainly relies on the magnetoresistive IC on the internal circuit. When the sensor magnetic reed switch encounters a magnetic field, the magnetoelectric conversion element (magnetic resistance ) will output a signal to the controller to execute the action control switch on or off.

Common applications of magnetic switches are to use of pneumatic actuators, hydraulic actuators, and servo drive components to achieve detection and positioning, limit control, and automatic protection.



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